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Murders and Fascist Media: Why has media conveniently omitted mentioning a news item that deserves world attention? Why has media not thought it fit to report the 31 child mass grave sites found inside the Canadian Indian Residential School grounds and why is Canada silent on what happened to the 50,000 missing children from schools run by the United Church of Canada, Ontario? Why has the media not condemned the action and demanded why the Canadian Judicial System refused to give the native Indians court time? Why has the media not highlighted this important aspect in the light of Canada promoting itself as a beacon of human rights values? Do you think it’s happen only in Canada?

Think if today it has still not touched you, tomorrow it can come to your house and who will help you?

What is modern slavery? For you they made idols from money, sex, drugs, thereby deprived of the opportunity to think constructively. It’s time to wake up! The most important questions that you should ask yourself — what kind of freedom it limits? And who benefits from these limitations?

Democracy: Do you think America have a confrontation with Russia? How, its only corrupted media make a brain laundy. Almost all structures are ruled by outspoken sectarians. You can see what sects support Trump and Putin, you will understand more.

Technology: Ilon Mask once said to toyota that it was “bullshit” about cars using water or HHO. But only for the discovery of this working “bullshit” scientists, such as Stanley Meyer, Dr. Yul Brown, died under mysterious circumstances, and someone just went to jail. On the contrary, many idealize Mr. Ilon, he is probably a good investor, but he is credited with the merits of Martin Eberhard, who built the car Tesla.

Similarly, scientists and inventors from all over the world face difficulties in promoting their inventions. Such as magnetic motors, economical thermal technology, air cooling, reduced fuel consumption and much more. Using Dr. Brown’s Hydroxy gas technology You can look on YouTube how many smart guys working on as enthusiasts.

Another thing is the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 - in the category of such “dangerous inventions” came cryptography, solar cells with an efficiency of more than 20%, energy conversion systems with an efficiency exceeding 70–80%. Electricity, gas, oil and etc is the perfect tax from people.

There more than 5000 bans, and every year few hundred new. And another countries have some similar rules because the big guys out of interest in scientific progress.

Medicine: NaHCO3 - Sodium Bicarbonate - The Inquisition: Tullio Simoncini - said Cancer is a fungus (5 Years in prison).

Soviet Olympic athletes in 1972 injected soda intravenously, resulting in a significant increase in athletic performance and at the same time was won 50 awards, is not a big secret. Intentional Falsification - now many standards of soda production allow the addition of insoluble substances and poisons. Look for original products. Soda? not. is just drinks, yes?

★★★★★ Fibonacci Freedom Framework ★★★★★

- Open Source A decentralized framework based on DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs).
DAGs in DAGs will give freedom, Opensource Network, no fees, Real Decentralization. We will start to developing Fibonacci under Rate ICO and will use it as Pioneers
Also we will develop Quant messenger - independent, decentralized and every message will boost all network.

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